Brutal repression unfolds as massive mobilization by the people of Chiapas.

State and Federal Police violently evicted the teachers movements camp in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. The teachers are still demanding from the national government the cancellation of the Education Reform and to form a negotiating table.

Yesterday, Wednesday the 25th, the situation was extremely tense between the teachers movement from the 7th and 40th district and the repressive forces. They were in fierce battles that lasted for more than 3 hours, the police used helicopters to launch gases and rubber bullets against the teachers, as well as anti-riot tanks.

The population of Tuxtla Gutierrez (Chiapas), responded with a massive mobilization of over 5 thousand people, in solidarity with the teachers movement organized in the National Coordinator of Education Teachers (CNTE), that is demanding the Education Reform to be cancelled nation wide.

In Chenalho, the neighbors took the president of the state congress, Oscar Eduardo Ramirez Aguilar, and the parliamentary coordinator of the PVEM, CArlos Arturo Penagos Vargas, as hostages, in response to the repression and the arrests of the teachers. They also forced the resignation of the mayor Rosa Perez, accused of mishandling 50 million pesos.

In Chiapas de Corzo, after being gassed by the police, the teachers and the community expelled the police that was taking refuge in the town’s hotels. The whole state of Chiapas is boiling from the hatred the repression of Peña Nieto and the governor Manuel Velasco Coello.

Videos of the repression and the massive mobilizations circulated in social media sites, showing the teachers marching with workers from other sectors, students and their parents that came out in support of the teachers movement. Under the the banner ¡Fuera Peña! (Out with the president Peña), they took over the streets of the capital of the state of Chiapas, while the in the municipality of Ozchuc the mayor highway was being blocked by teachers, students and parents.

There are no official estimates about the number of arrests, injured. Social media sites are reporting arrests, disappeared, injured and even fatalities. However, this information has not been confirmed by local officials.

In a similar fashion the peoples’ of the town of Chenalho circulated the following statement among the community: “To the state government: We told you that if you repressed the people and the teachers we would take action against the congressmen and all the thieves surrounding them. This is just beginning you damn government. Our respect to the unarmed teachers. A war is won by getting even. Today the people of Chenalho are declaring war, and properly arm the people are responding. Everyone that has a way of defending themselves they should do so, because today the Federal Police has injured innocent people. The people united will never be defeated. We are going to get rid of this dogs from the state without any pity. Is better to make them cry than to allow them to make our state of Chiapas do so”.

Today, Thursday 27th, another mobilization of thousands of teachers took place in Tuxtla Gutierrez to demand the liberation of 7 teachers that were arrested during the confrontations with the police. The teachers names are: Juan Gálvez Velasco, Ricardo Hernández Cruz, David Barrios Pérez, Juan David Gordillo Hernández, Francisco Díaz Méndez, Pedro Gómez López y Roldán Domínguez Martínez. They are in the hands of the State authorities, but according to the teachers section 7 speakers, the National authorities are asking to take over their arrest. It’s in situation like this, to repress the teachers, that the National authorities take quick action, while in Ayotzinapa they haven’t advanced one bit in the investigation of the missing students.

Meanwhile in other states and in the city of Mexico there has also been a movement of repressive forces to try to stop and repress the teachers movement. There is a call to enforce the mobilization towards the nation’s capital on the 27th among social organizations, the left, human right groups and students.

Is of essence that this call is taken by all the labor sectors that call themselves democratic to confront EPN’s attacks alongside the local governments that are using “iron hand’ tactics against the teacher’s movement.