Urgent call for active solidarity: Teachers are back on the streets.
Despite the repression from Mexico’s City government lead by Miguel Angel Mancera, teachers from different states organized in the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), came back this Tuesday by the thousands to protest in downtown Mexico City. They were welcomed by blockades on the highways that held back the caravan of buses filled with teachers for over five hours.

With a massive mobilization the teachers are back on the streets. The thousands of teachers that have to suffer, along with the students, the consequences of the Education Reform, a reform proposed by the businessmen for the businessmen. The reform affects the rights of the education workers, but it also impoverishes and privatizes public education- where the daughters and sons of the workers attend school - in benefit of corporate interests.

We know that our struggle is not just for us, but for the working class families, that send their kids to school with excitement because they think getting an education is going to help their future. But what future are they going to have if we don’t go out and struggle to defend public education today?

With an education that doesn’t prepare them to struggle when the bosses want to force them to work overtime without pay, when the work hours get strenuously long but they are forced to comply.

We want all the workers to see it through the teacher's eyes, those who are trusted with the education of their children. Today we are on the streets making noise so that our demands are heard.

We know that our voices are weak compared to the strength of the millions of voices of all the workers from different sectors that have suffered the attacks on their rights, have been laid off and have endured harassment from their bosses in isolation. We know that it will be on the streets, shoulder to shoulder with them, that we are going to succeed in defeating the Education Reform.

These are the reasons why the education workers that are part of the “Agrupacion Magisterial Nuestra Clase” are making an urgent call for active solidarity with the struggling teachers!

We are urgently calling on all the national federations that claim to be democratic, the unions that formed them, their bases, democratic movements, women and LGBT movements, students and other education workers to take part in the struggle of the CNTE, to defend public education and the rights of all working class families.

We need to form a great “Front in defense of the CNTE and the teachers in struggle” in order to show the teachers, shoulder to shoulder on the streets, that they are not alone. To let them know that we have all been their students, and thanks to them we learned to read and write, and that today we won’t let them fight without us.

“An urgent unified plan of action is needed so that the teachers’ strike is not left in isolation”. But before this can happen we think it’s necessary for the CNTE to call for a National Conference of Unions and Organizations in struggle.

We also make a call to the thousands of workers, women, youth, that identify politically with the leadership of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and the MORENA party (which many of the democratic teachers movement are a part of). We believe that they should demand AMLO and the leadership of that party -that in several occasions has stated that they are against the government policies towards the teachers- urgently call for mobilizations in solidarity with the teachers, and that they use all their resources to support the teachers’ struggle, without any conditions.

The advance of the educational reform, the violent repression against the teachers, including injuries, detainees and deaths, is an attempt to discipline all the workers with a clear and direct message: we can be killed if we try to fight. However, we are convinced that if we all struggle together, we will strike them the hardest.

Let’s fight alongside the teachers without fear, for them, for the workers, for the future of our children.