Oaxaca "El Poder de la comuna" - The power of the commune

Documentary filmed at Oaxaca, Mexico, during September 2006. HDV-DVCam. Spanish w/ English subtitles. 60 minutes.
APPO (Oaxaca’s People Summit) goes through a profound self-organizational experience, which demonstrates that mass movements are capable of resolving critical issues such as the re-organization of the mass media.
The Oaxacan Women’s Committee takes over a government radio station and Channel 9, an immense an important media complex that the former governor of Oaxaca, Ulysses Ruiz ran for his personal use. However, during the Oaxaca uprising these stations belonged to the people.
The PRI has attacked, murdered, raped and stepped on the movement in Oaxaca, today the situation remains unresolved. Brad Will, the NY reported shot dead while filming, is one of the many martyrs that have died fighting for freedom. This documentary is filmed during the most intense struggle and demonstrates that the powerful and oppressor may murder over and over, but the hope of freedom never dies.